Best approach for Deluxe Edition

I just got R.E.M.'s super deluxe edition of Up and was working on tagging it. There is an entry for it (, but the way the Blu-Ray was entered is different than what I have seen before and doesn’t match my needs. The Blu-Ray contains 2 versions of the album’s audio (Stereo PCM and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio). The entry in question shows these as 2 tracks–i.e. the whole album is a track. Of course, that is technically the way it is on the disc (with chapters), but doesn’t work for individually tagging tracks.

I am not keen on “correcting” what was entered, but was thinking that I would create a different version with the album tracks broken out. Is this reasonable? Is there some special verbiage I should add to the disambiguation if I did that?

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It looks like it was imported from Discogs, but the track list doesn’t match the release it was imported from. It was imported from this release: If your’s looks the same as this Discogs entry, just edit the MB release to match. I think this track listing on MB might be incorrect.

Update: Actually it does match. I just didn’t notice that all the different track names under track 4 on the blu-ray were parts of the track, not separate tracks. So, if yours is actually a different track listing just add it as a new release.

I didn’t create them, but the XTC surround sound editions (for example Black Sea) have the bluray tracks listed individually, which seems more useful to me.

If you want a correct tracklist in MB, you can fix the existing release rather than adding a duplicate.

It’s perfectly normal (if you have the energy to do it) to split DVD and Blu-ray chapters in tracks.


From the DIscogs entry, “BR-1” and “BR-2” are the whole album in different audio formats (14 tracks/chapters each). “BR-4” is a live performance that has 6 tracks (7 chapters, including a brief opening shot that is not a song). I would break all those out into separate tracks.

The reason I put “correct” in quotes is that I am not sure that what the person did is technically incorrect. If you strictly go by the files on the disc, it is not (the albums are a single file with chapters). If you think about it from an audio perspective only, they are different tracks.