Beginner type

I am wondering how long my account stays labeled beginner and what the titles are after that. The only one’s I see are editor, but before that is it just “user” or something?

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You only stay a beginner on MusicBrainz for two weeks unless you do not have ten accepted edits by then:

User accounts must be more than 2 weeks old, have a verified email address, and more than 10 accepted edits in order to vote on others' edits.

You can check your statistics on your profile page and since you have multiple edits open for voting it seems highly unlikely that there won’t be 10 accepted edits in two weeks.

Apart from the “Beginner” status there are mostly “Normal User” editors and a few priviledged user accounts.

@gabrielcarvfer (who have since deleted their comment) refered to the trust levels in this Discourse forum.


I dreamt of being part of the jetset on these forums.

But the reality is better. And healthier.


Here you go

Due to legal reasons tobacco and alcohol cannot be advertised on internet since October 2020 in Thailand. Sorry, as a compensation “Metabrainz” offer you the double rainbow over the Chaya river


Ahhh, Sathon Pier on the left, with the trains running over King Taksin The Great bridge above. About 2.5km further to the left near Hua Lamphong is the wonderful TEP BAR - Cultural Bar of Thailand, 71 Yi Sip Song Karakadakhom 4 Alley, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai.
The sooner they start live streaming the better.

Thank you very much for the perfectly jet-setting photo.


Thanks for the tip as I didn’t know this one, will have try when restaurants can open back.
In a less jet set style you also have this one from where you can directly hire a long tail to go around the canals after lunch :slight_smile: