Because the Night releases by Patti Smith (Group)

After my edit to remove an empty Wikidata object was voted down, I turned away from this scope. But I’m quite unhappy with the state I left this song’s releases in.

Because the Night was first released as a single by Patti Smith Group in 1978 (taken from Easter) with B side God Speed.
It was re-released as a single by Patti Smith in 1983 with B side Gloria - this was actually a compilation, as Gloria was a single from an earlier album.

These are separate RGs.¹ But there is another RG as there was also an EP by Patti Smith in 1983 with the same front (!) as the single.
I think we called something like that a “maxi single” - usually released when sales of the 7” have gone down, with a longer version of the recording (didn’t exist in this case) or different mixes (didn’t exist either) or other unreleased songs (that’s it :slight_smile:).

After long consideration (it was actually the idea of @otters61 but they didn’t pick it up), I think that all RGs should be merged into one RG by Patti Smith Group. It was always Because the Night that was primarily marketed. The recording artist on Patti Smith releases was also Patti Smith Group (most or all releases). The EP has the same cover and a big “A” on the A side label and nothing on B side.

I could agree with linking the Wikipedia article about the song (work!) to the single RG as the article also features the original single release. And we could get rid of the empty Wikidata object currently linked,² because what you see on the RG page is not from the Wikidata link but the still existing Wikipedia link.

¹) In fact there was another re-issue by Patti Smith in 1988 but I put it in the same RG - it has also Gloria as “B side” (it’s a mini CD) and an additional track which would technically make it an EP, but I think, medium format identifies it as a single.

²) The Wikidata item looks like it was intended for the 1983 reissue, but it never had content.

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Thanks, link is corrected

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