Beat Culture - Forgive (never released)

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the following entry was never released, please can you remove it ?

According to Union Art:

“This work was not released on both CD and LP by various reason.”

This is the answer i got from the label. So entry should not exist.

Thanks in advance.

You can enter the “remove” edit yourself if you like.
Normally we discourage removing data as per our Data Removal Policy, but unreleased music is such a dangerous grey area that I believe we should err on the side of caution and not allow it. Many others have disagreed with this; we discussed it a while back in previous threads:

I think it is interesting information for a music database, whether it was released or not.
I would however disambiguate and annotate it, the way it’s curently presented (as a legitimate release) is definitely wrong. I wish we had a new ‘cancelled’ type or something that hides it from the official release discography which is not correct, but I guess MB’s not perfect yet.

There is a ticket in the pipeline for it.

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In the meantime, is it correct if i edit to add something like “unofficial and unreleased” ?

Edit: done