BBC music links

Are these useful? I don’t find them often, one example is at „The Clean

As I understand it, BBC music gets its data from MusicBrainz, so any artist we have will have a BBC music page. So if these are deemed useful, they could be generated programmatically. Storing this explicitly seems superflous.

For what it’s worth, the mb. ALL LINKS user script does link those BBC links programmatically, as well as lastfm’s MBID links, Wikipedia pages from Wikidata link and more automatic searches as well as showing hidden relationships (its main feature since 2011).

It’s currently being reworked in depth with the help of @Yvanz but this part is still running smoothly.

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As the documentation for the BBC Music relationship type explains:

Only link to a BBC Music page which has meaningful content. As the BBC uses MusicBrainz IDs in their URL, they have an artist page for every artist in MusicBrainz. For example, the MusicBrainz Test Artist has a BBC Music page which contains only content automatically generated based on the data in our database. An artist page which looks like that should not be linked to. Conversely, the BBC Music page on The Killers includes links to BBC news stories, blog posts, reviews and contains BBC Radio playout information.​