BBC Introducing Artists won't accept my Musicbrainz ID?


Hi, I’m trying to fill in the new BBC Introducing Artists form. It asks for my ID which I thought was vyvyanhs, but it won’t accept it. Have looked at profile etc and there’s no trace of any other ID. Is there an ID number or something, or is this a problem at the BBC’s end?

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Help to find user id

You should be able to find that information on the BBC Landing Page. If you still have any questions, just ask them here.


Looking at your edit history i’m assuming is your entry in musicbrainz.
Bbc want the uuid: ee3ecd81-431d-41d3-b219-f4014c8c6caf

Musicbrainz use our artist identifiers and other data in thair system so the bbc artist page is:

Please read the bbc landing page mentioned above and feel free to ask questions.


Many thanks, I think I get it now. It would be nice if it the difference between the ID of me, the person writing the edits in Musicbrainz, the ID of the band (I have several) and the ID of each track were made clearer.


Hi there - where do you find that information? I am having the same issue. Thank you!


See the post above:

Have you checked that already? It should have all you need (if you only have a user page you’ll need an artist one)


To summarise:

  • Your musicbrainz account is not your bbc artist page.
  • In musicbrainz do an artist search to see if your band exists in the database
  • As there is not a “Duffy & Bird” artist entry representing your group in the database currently you will need to create a new entry.
  • on the bottom of the search results there is A link to add an artist
  • Please include as much information as you can and include links such as facebook soundcloud twitter etc.
  • Once you click submit you should now have the artist page, What bbc want is the artist id, this is the last part of the url and is made of a long string of letters and numbers and dashes. They use our ID as a basis
  • It would be useful to add an artist entry for members of your band so you can add and artist pages.
  • link these back to your band’s artist page, go to the artist page, click edit, click the add relationship + button. paste the url of the artist that represents the members. select the member of relationship as the type.