Batch voting check boxes disappeared

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Is there a new policy on MBz to discourage editors from voting? Or is it just a bug that the batch vote check boxes on my lists of edits for subscribed editors and entities have disappeared from the UI? I invest quite some time in voting on a huge list of subscriptions that came together over the years and it’s quite time consuming to just check the lists of open edits I get daily. If I now have to click for every single edit for huge batch edits (uploads of complete booklet on cover art, merges within a same release group, completion of Recording artists for classical etc.) which easily doubles the time needed I will simply stop to vote…

Voting is important

Do you mean you’re not using @jesus2099’s mb.POWER-VOTE script? You should definitely give it a look.


Didn’t need it since the feature was there :slight_smile: I guess I can live with this
Still wondering why the existing feature was removed from the UI


Was this ever a thing on “vanilla” MusicBrainz? I don’t think I’ve had this without using userscripts (there are at least two userscripts having provided this kind of functionality, the one by @jesus2099… and one other). Maybe I’m misremembering since I’m so used to userscripts, but I feel like this has been one of the things I forgot I needed when I find myself in an environment without my userscript collection.


I don’t use userscripts and I’ve never seen batch vote check boxes.


Autoeditors used to have something similar (yet not as good :wink:). I remember seeing it on test server where I could change my user to admin.


They’ve disappeared for me too. I’ve got lots of scripts installed on my PC, but nothing on my 'phone, and I still got batch voting on that until a few days ago. I guess I won’t be voting much for the next week or so, until I’m back home.

Also, the green/red/yellow indications on votes has disappeared.