Batch ISRC add

I’ve searched and found one topic that had old links and a new link that only submits to so not useful. I have an album of 20 tracks with ISRCs. How do I add those simply? I have the INLINE STUFF userscript installed but I cannot see anything changing or where I can actually use it.


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The best way I know to add multiple ISRCs is to one release via Submit the ID of the release, then you can paste a list of ISRCs in the web page.


Some other power ups around Magic ISRC:

  • mb. ALL LINKS adds a release specific Magic ISRC link in the release sidebar
  • mb. MASS ISRC allows you to paste a bunch of ISRC in Magic ISRC
    Take care with some ISRC listing (logs, minc) are skipping some tracks
    Make sure to check if each ISRC is in front of the correct track

Submitting all medium ISRC in a single edit is very welcome.

Unfortunately, the API does not allow Magic ISRC to provide an edit note.
So if you could go back to your edit history and paste the release URL and the source URL, it would be even more great!


If the ISRCs are in the file tags already there is also the handy “Submit ISRC” plugin for Picard.


Cool! I’ve only ever used Picard to submit a Disc ID though, need to find out how it works…

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