Batch edit recording artists

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Is there any way to batch edit recording artists? On the edit recordings tab, there is an option to copy all track artist credits to associated recordings, but that is worse than useless in the case of classical releases since the style guidelines say that the track artist should be the composer (whereas the recording artist should be, well, the recording artist). ‘Worse than useless’ because sometimes editors tick the ‘copy’ option and fill all the recordings with the composer as recording artist - which is usually not true, at least for pre 20th Century composers.
If there is no existing way, is a browser script possible for this? (a bit beyond my skill set unfortunately).

You’ll want this script.

Shameless self-promotion, but this post has a lot of stuff on useful classical userscripts (and other stuff too!):


Aha. I have that (because I read your excellent Toolbox post :grinning:), but hadn’t realised because it doesn’t appear to display anything on the edit->recordings tab, even though I see that Tampermonkey says it is on.
Now I realise (having read the documentation :roll_eyes:) that it is only on the main release overview page. Works beautifully!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Indeed I have to fix that (it’s probably the case on other scripts too).

Don’t hesitate if you have suggestions about the script, there’s room for improvement (things I never thought about or was too lazy to implement)

The script works well (sometimes need to retry, but no issues there). The documentation could be a little bit clearer:
It says “Copy the performers in recording Advanced Relationships to the selected recordings “artist” field”
(a) clarify that it will copy all performance artists in the recording-artist relationship and (b) say what happens re as-credited names. (Not sure what “Advanced” relationships are).

In terms of improvements, maybe the ability to not copy all performers (i.e. certain types only).
Plus it would be nice if it worked on the edit->recordings page (which is where I was expecting to see it).
All in all, nice-to-haves - the script is great as it is.

Relationships, under the old name.

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