Batch-add for ISWC and other work attributes?

I created quite a few works over the last weeks. The functions for batch-create new works and batch-add a relationship to works are helpful. But for adding ISWC and other work attributes (IDs from ASCAP, BMI, GEMA) it is still necessary to edit every single work.

A solution would be a script like the one used for ISRC ( This would also help to reduce the copy & paste mistakes (a problem I was struggling with). Unfortunately I don’t know how to write a script, so maybe some of the experts around here could help me.


Nice idea👍 btw what’s the story with that script - who made it? Does it work against the live database?

Nikki (who’s now mostly a Wikidata contributor), and it uses a mirror IIRC so you need to wait one hour until a newly added release can be loaded but it does edit the live DB.

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I have a bookmarklet for mass submit ISRC without 1 hour delay.

Remember to always go back to release edit history and leave an edit note in the Add ISRCs edit with release URL and where you got ISRC from (from CD with this/that ISRC extractor or from this/that website).

The bookmarklet points to a fork of a @kepstin script page.

  1. You go to a release page and click this bookmarklet to open it.
  2. Then you can select an ISRC field and paste a text blurb, it will paste multiple ISRC in sequence.

There are two demo animated GIF over there.


Anonymously? That sounds scary powerful :neutral_face:

You have to authenticate as MB user and it makes an edit with your user, it is not anonymous.
But remember to add an edit note afterwards, as the editing web service unfortunately does not permit edit note at the time of edit.


It seems like this got off-topic right from the start.

I know about the ways to batch-add ISRCs. But I also would like to have a batch-add for ISWCs. I would love to be able to add them straight from the artist’s work list.

Something like but for ISWCs on the artist’s work listing.

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