Barcode for item in larger set

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I have this limited edition set. It’s not music (or even audio), per se. There’s a Blu-ray and other stuff, as well as a soundtrack CD. The set as a whole has a barcode, but not the CD (or anything else in the set), most likely because it’s exclusive to the set. What would be appropriate to enter as the barcode for the CD, if anything? I assume it’s either nothing or that of the set, probably the former, but I’m not sure.

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I would add the barcode from the set to the release, and mention the fact that the barcode is mentioned on the set packaging rather than the CD case itself in the annotation.


I’m confused as to why this is even a question.
John Smith commemorative set. Barcode 123456.
Disc 1, CD, songs 1-10.
Disc 2, DVD


I don’t know if if there is a rule, but even if the CD had its own barcode, I would still use the main box barcode because it came from the main box.
Think about it - if you scan the barcode from the box, it shows up as the box (which contains all of the individual items). But if you scan the barcode on the CD, it will show as just the CD.

Going through the checkout line at the grocery store, a six pack gets scanned as a six pack, not as 6 individuals.

Even if the set as a whole is outside the scope of MusicBrainz? (Or does MB actually care about movies and such, and I didn’t realize?) That seems to be true in this case, and the Blu-ray is the main item of interest in the set. So, I’m entering the information for just the CD, and noting that it’s part of that set. (It might also be worth noting that the soundtrack is available for download (sort of), separate from the stuff on the Blu-ray.)

Also, I would have thought the CD having its own barcode would be a bit different, as it would suggest the possibility of it being sold separately; not that it necessarily is, but… Is how it’s purchased really the standard? Just wondering.

MB does have video entries.

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Yeah, but I thought they were for things like music videos, performances, etc. The Blu-ray in this case is just regular non-musical stuff with BGM.

Also, I just realized I’ve been calling it a DVD when it’s actually a Blu-ray. Edited.

Anyway, I’m putting in the barcode, and I’ll see how it goes.

I guess another option might be to list the CD as ‘no barcode’ but include the barcode in an annotation that explains it’s part of a multi-media set.

Multiple barcodes are not yet supported.
Until then, please write annotation, tag to remember fixing it, and use only the box barcode for the moment.


Well, ok, then yes, it is for music.
Before I say my next thing - is this a soundtrack?

Yes, the soundtrack CD, as I mentioned in the OP.

I must have missed that, or I somehow associated auditory disc to distinguish from the visual disc.

Since it is a Soundtrack…
To me, it seems like maybe the release group would be the soundtrack album. With the release being the boxset, using the boxset barcode.
Then if someone releases a standalone soundtrack, it would still be part of the same release group and would have its own barcode.