Bandcamp "Multi-Disc" Release

super sorry i’ve made like 4 threads this week, i’ve been holding in all my questions and now i’m kinda asking them all at once. just very passionate about editing lately haha

this release (warning for dicks on the album cover, sorry lol) is a “4 disc” album, but it was originally released on bandcamp, a platform that cannot handle multi-disc releases. it is treated by the artist as a multi-disc release though. he makes references to the individual discs, like

these songs were originally released as Disc 4 of my pseudo-sublimation mixtape in 2016

(sorry i can’t source that lol it’s from patreon. so just trust me i guess)

the way it’s entered in MB right now is correct, because one 50-track disc is what it shows on bandcamp [edit for clarity: it appears as 35 songs but there are 15 hidden tracks only visible after download]. but would it also be acceptable to add a split-up version in the same release group?


That current bandcamp link is a 35 track release. So you already have two different releases that need to be in the RG. Was it ever 50 tracks on Bandcamp? Looks to me like it may be a “reissue” now it has dropped to 35 tracks.

If it was originally a “four disc” release on Patreon, even if only to a private group of people, then it should be fine to add it as four discs. Track list makes it clear where those cuts are. And digital releases can be cut into “discs”. Seen it before.

What ever you split up and create, just add lots of annotation notes. Seems fair enough to me.


it is still 50, there are just 15 hidden tracks that are only visible after download. always been that way as far as i know

thank you for the insight!


I would also go with the artists vision and add multiple digital media ‘discs’ in these cases.

The idea of multiple ‘discs’ is a strange concept in the digital world at the best of times anyway. Usually just achieved by a note/break in a website display, packaging stuff in different folders of a download, or in the file names/tags. I think an artist’s notes on the release are just as valid, when a platform doesn’t allow for other options.

I don’t think there’s any guideline though. So relax and do what you prefer, and see if comments or edits to the contrary ever pop up :grin: :+1:


Interesting… so only 35 are available to play from Bandcamp, but the full 50 on download. Certainly worth some annotations about the way they are playing with the format. Especially as they mention it themselves in that subheading.


good idea! i’ve made an annotation explaining and listing the hidden tracks :smiley: