Bandcamp acquired by Songtradr

This is just 1.5 years after Epic acquired Bandcamp. More context:

Songtradr also acquired 7digital this March, which I hadn’t heard about:

I always assume the worst for acquisitions, but I’m crossing my fingers that Songtradr leaves Bandcamp alone.


Well, shit.

Also didn’t know they own 7digital now. The UK store at the very least has been stuck in standstill since 2019. I’ve got little hope for that too.


:confounded: :sob: :worried: Once we had something nice that tried to put cash back in the hands of the creators. Then someone wanted to make a profit :money_mouth_face:. I used Bandcamp specifically because of that connection to the artist and purchased on Fridays. The only digital store I’d ever had a dealing with.

This is painful to see :frowning_face:


looks like Songtradr just released a statement

(and the image for those who don’t have Twitter)


Reportedly about half of Bandcamp employees were laid off. :frowning:

Edit: another source, not just a tweet.

6 Likes has some more details.

The union added that Bandcamp’s editorial team, responsible for the independent- and small-artist focused Bandcamp Daily, has been cut in half, and two-thirds of union-eligible engineering team members have been laid off too. Twelve out of the 13 union-eligible support staff are out as well, the union said, plus 70% of the vinyl team.