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Were you already “visited” by their bot?

I’m the bot that powers the Soulseek functionality of MH Covers ( ).


  • I will only download image files.
  • I will ignore scans to the best of my ability.
  • I will not display your username or filenames from your share on the site.

Its name is awesomeme


I was confused for a second, but I get it, this is how it searches Soulseek?

Very clever!!

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What The Phonk: Inside The Rising Genre

Tried to load this in Firefox, got nothing lol

and then there are apparently “variants” of Phonk

If Bandcamp goes down this might become an alternative:

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I don’t know if or how there’s monetization with it, but another potential option is Funkwhale (tho it might be a closer substitute to SoundCloud than Bandcamp…), built on the same framework as other Fediverse social media, like Mastodon and Peertube

edit: I did go ahead and make a ticket for adding Ampwall links in a similar way to Bandcamp links already appear tho~


So, you want to make a Bandcamp... is interesting (and has a surprise mention of MB’s CSG).


via @rob on IRC:

Related (from my bookmarks):
Now Playing: Ambient Music Mod v2 (“Port of Now Playing from Pixels to other Android devices”)

Existing music recognition applications require both user activation and a connection to a server that performs the actual recognition. In this paper we present a low power music recognizer that runs entirely on a mobile phone and automatically recognizes music without requiring any user activation. A small music detector runs continuously on the mobile phone’s DSP (digital signal processor) chip and only wakes main the processor when it is confident that music is present. Once woken the detector on the main processor is provided with an 8s buffer of audio which is then fingerprinted and compared to the stored fingerprints in the on-device fingerprint database of over 70000 songs.


After more than 30 years running websites and forums I am retiring.

I have made many friends through the years. I will cherish my time getting to know you. I wish you all the best. This was not an easy decision to make. The cost to keep the communities running has gotten to the point where it’s just too expensive. Security certificates, hosting cost, software renewals and everything else has increased threefold. While costs are up ad revenue is down. It’s no longer viable to keep things running.

All sites will be turned off on Thursday 30 November 2023. If you are interested in acquiring any of the websites I own you can Email Schwarz Network.

Resource-Zone was a forum for the “Open Directory Project” also known as DMOZ (from
It existed for more than 20 years.
DMOZ has been succeeded by Curlie. Its slogan is still “Humans Do It Better”


What programs do you use to play music?

I like:

  1. Media Player Classic Home Cinema
  1. Media Player Classic Black Edition
  1. VLC, but only when I send music to the Denon DRA-800H receiver.
  1. Most of the time on good old basic Pioneer PD-Z74T on Pioneer A-403R with Mosscade 502

And sometimes:

  1. Windows foobar2000
  2. Linux Audacious


Now I have Audio Monitor 200 floorstanding speakers.

I once had a Technics 4-segment tower.


When I’m being a lazy scrub, Spotify.

When I’m on the move it’ll be either Spotify or something similar, however I do have a Sony Walkman NW-A55L as a “digital music player” which I’m going to start using again as 4G coverage can often leave me without music in some places, and there’s plenty of stuff that just isn’t on streaming services full stop.

On my computer I also use MPC-HC and I think it’s the bees knees! Don’t get me wrong VLC is great, but I just find I like MPC-HC a bit more.

Although not used it in a while, MusicBee for library management - had previously used MediaMonkey.

I tried using the resurrected Winamp for a bit but it ended up getting pissy about something and stopped working; also it renders horribly on high-resolution screens.

I agree about VLC.

Great, but overloaded. :wink:

Too many bells and whistles.

I have to use it because MPC doesn’t have Chromecast.

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Winamp (v5.9.0 Build 9999) on the desktop PC and some Yamaha 2.1 speakers if I just want a quick bit of playback. Still use a classic skin as I love how small I can make that player while always on top.

I don’t like the fact VLC still can’t do gapless playback. Can MPC do gapless now?

KODI the main playback and music management, tied into a Yamaha RX-A1070 and Mordaunt Short speakers. Normally this also powers music when I am at the PC as I can fill the house with that system. Depends how loud I am feeling. KODI is the reason I am here at MB as I “needed to sort out my tags”…

Have setup the ability to stream to my mobile phone from KODI via a VPN to my house. Works great over WiFi, and have often listened to whole albums via 4G on a hillside this way. But will hammer the mobile data. (Not KODI installed on the phone, just playing via the Chorus browser on KODI)

Most music on the move is via Yatse on the mobile with an SD Card of FLACs which then connects via Bluetooth into the car. Yatse is also handy for controlling KODI at home when I am not sat at the PC.

Lets also not get distracted with what Home Assistant is now doing pushing audio around the house. That is becoming a more centralised control panel for all my audio. It also helps me tell KODI to push audio to alternate Bluetooth speakers around the house. :nerd_face: :laughing:

@IvanDobsky would you like to have one of these speakers:

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Most of those speakers look a bit too weird\ugly to me.

One of my clients is a carpenter and has made his own custom cabinets. Now those I like. They are around four foot high, three foot wide. The clarity of audio you hear is at another level. I can hear details in Dark Side of the Moon I had never heard before.

Not sure if my neighbours would like them though.

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What I’m about to say sounds a bit like a slogan.

There is still hunger in Africa, and people elsewhere are buying million-dollar speakers.

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