Band vs Solo artist

I have a few releases where I’m unsure on what I should do for the artist credit.

The Urban Chiefs:
Urban Chiefs have had 4 albums. The first album Sacred Law was released under the name of the lead Singer Blake Saban. After adding a bass player, they called themselves Blake Saban 3, recording their second album under that name. After the bass player departed, they reverted to being a duo and adopted the moniker “The Urban Chiefs”, under which 2 albums have been released.

The band don’t consider the first album to be a solo album, and when you consider that the lineup is the same as for the 2 albums released as The Urban Chiefs, should I be adding it to their discography as Blake Saban, or should I be adding it to a separate Blake Saban discography?

Phil Barlow and The Wolf:
Phil Barlow released his debut EP as a solo artist in 2012, and subsequently started up a band, with which he recorded an album (as Phil Barlow) later that year, and performed live as the Phil Barlow Band. In 2013, the Phil Barlow Band changed their name to Phil Barlow and The Wolf, and an album was released under that name in 2015. More recently, he has released music as a solo artist again.

Should I be adding the albums to Phil Barlow, Phil Barlow and The Wolf, or a combination of the 2?

Geoff Achison/Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers
Geoff Achison has released albums both as a solo artist, and as part of Geoff Achison and The Souldiggers. He also sells memory sticks with his entire back catalogue which contain both solo and band releases. Should releases still be split depending on how they’re credited? Some releases may have to be moved from the Geoff Achison discography to the Geoff Achison and The Souldiggers discography.

I would say so, yes.

I’d add this to the person and the rest to the group he is an “eponymous” member of (except for his more recent solo music of course).

Yes, that makes sense.

Don’t forget to also add aliases to the artists and if known mark them with start and end dates.

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