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Could someone assist in adding the members of the group? Please see the artwork that I upload for the list of five members. The issue I am having is there is no distinction on which type(s) of vocals each person contributes, and the instrument “keyboards” are contributed by three of the members, but MB does not seem to have a generic keyboards selection.

EDIT: This is a fairly rare release and finding information on it online is near impossible. Since I have the CD, I would like to get as much info entered as I can.

I have asked to see if I can get further details on this (they are (well were) a local band here. My issue is that I can guess/assume the finer details, but I hate to do that. Not having a more generic options also prevents the details from being added. Example, for Joe, his parts are “vocals, keyboards”, neither of which I can add.

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You can put those detailed credits on the release as release-artist relationships.

For the band to artists relationships, maybe just put the main roles (but it’s a guess, see my guessed list, not necessarily a model).

I guess there is one lead vocalist and the others are doing chorus, background vocals.
I guess the lead vocalist is the first in the list.

  • Terry Davidson
    • Guitars
    • Lead Vocals
    • Keyboards
  • Joe Jicha
    • Background Vocals
    • Keyboards
  • Paul Marks
    • Drums
    • Percussion
    • Background Vocals
  • Vincent Millevolte (funny name means thousand volts in French)
    • Guitars
    • Keyboards
    • Background Vocals
  • Sean Sulok
    • Bass
    • Background Vocals

If you want to set keyboards, select Keyboard credited as keyboards.

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Thanks, I will look at this further. I have not done such types of edits before, so I appreciate the comments and guidance. I also hope to get some answers to the specifics.

I have also found it odd that a generic “vocals” can not be set for a band member. They have to be Lead or Background. Sometimes I have just set multiple Lead Vocals when I know different people take the front mic on different songs.

And the keyboard\keyboards thing is just one of those oddities of MB language. I always just use “keyboard” no matter if there is one or many.


You can set Other vocal(s) credited as vocals. :wink:


Which one of your questions was not answered, yet, now? :wink:

I was referring to this statement I made, hoping to hear further detail on the specifics of the band member’s more specific roles.

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I too find it annoying that you can’t just have generic “vocals”, especially when it’s credited in the booklet on things like “vocals recorded at” or “vocals produced by”, etc.