Bad quality scans... upload or not?

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I recently bought some secondhand CDs one of which has a badly water damaged booklet.

Is it worth uploading scans of these as there is no scan for the booklet for this release group.


I would suggest that the damaged one, if still legible, is better than nothing. It can be removed later if and when a clean replacement is uploaded.


Added scans here


Looks fine (said by understanding cover art as means to release ID, not personal aestethics). However, attribute ‘Watermark’ is traditionally a thing other than those here. You have good scans of a physical object in bad condition, for which there is a ticket STYLE-939 Cover art attribute: Suboptimal object.


Watermark is not really an attribute to set for saying there are traces of water damage. :slight_smile:

It’s an attribute that says that there is an overlay on the photo itself, like the URL of the hosting website where the image was, the name of the photographer, etc.
Something that is not part of the photographed object.


Lol … I was having a brain freeze - know absolutely what the term “watermark” means.

Anyway removed that designation!


You could also use Google to find an image of the cover.

Could you add a comment (water damaged, for example) to reach image that is damaged?

And maybe check the Raw/Unedited type as well, maybe.

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