AutoEditor Election: paulakreuzer


that’s a long time since we had an auto editor election, i want to suggest paulakreuzer as new auto editor.

Auto-editor election #301


@reosarevok, have you sent out e-mails? :slight_smile:

No, in fact I literally only now saw this thread. Can do.

Edit: sent now.

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Looks like the voting period has closed… congratulations @paulakreuzer!


Congratulations @paulakreuzer. :slight_smile: I’ve added you to the MB_Autoeditors group now so you can actually write in here. :wink:


Thanks, and thanks to all the other autoeditors for putting your trust in me.
When I got the email saying that I was nominated the first thing I did was look up the code of conduct for autoeditors. I’m sure I’ll manage to stick to it for the most part, but I’ll probably make a few mistakes. I’m still new after all - and I don’t mean just as an autoeditor, but I just joined MB less than 6 months ago.
I already have a few questions:

  • In the CoC it says at one point that you should “temporarily disable your auto-editor privileges” - is there any way to do that except for making all edits votable? E.g. if I do a big set of edits sometimes it would be helpful to let some of them be votable, but keep those edits autoedits that would be autoedits for normal editors.
  • Is it intentional that voting takes two clicks (selecting the option + submit vote and note), but approving is done with just one click? Since the latest Ubuntu update my trackpad lost quite a bit of it’s accuracy. I’ve gotten adjusted to it, but it still sometimes happens I click the wrong things and I fear I’ll click “approve” instead of “add note” occasionally.

And two more questions just because it’s embarrassing that I still don’t know those as an autoeditor:

  • How can I set my editor-avatar? I still haven’t found that option.
  • Is it just me or does the documentation search not work for everybody? Whatever I enter I just get an almost empty page.

Btw I was in the Fairphone office in Amsterdam when I got the good news that I got elected and there was cake and champaign:

It was a different occasion though. Fairphone had just completed a crowdfunding campaign with 250% of the goal. Anyway I was in a festive mood. :tada: :champagne: :cake:


The search engine uses google ­— if you use an adblocker that blocks third-party domains it might be why (I use ublock origin with advanced settings and by default is blocked on, so I also get empty results)


MusicBrainz uses gravatars. For privacy concerns, it’ll be replaced with something else soonish though (see MBS-9725 and notes from Metabrainz meeting of 2018-05-28)


Oh okay, that explains it then. I block all G%$&e domains via hosts file. That’s also why I couldn’t sign up to MB myself because Recaptcha is also G%$&e.

Fortunately the Wiki search works for me and lots of search results then link to the corresponding guideline.

Btw, for privacy reasons I can also not check whether edits that add, remove or change amazon, iTunes or social media links are correct, because I blocked those sites too.

Great, then I’ll just look forward to that.

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