Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-05-28

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-05-28

Meeting start:

















Gendered speech

After some questions concerning edit notes (ie., how broadly it’s meant to apply), @Rob assured that he doesn’t mean for it to apply when directly talking about editors or artists with known genders, but rather for when discussing editors in general (e.g., «If an editor wants to do this he should do it this way»).

A number of people agreed with the proposal, and no one spoke against it, so motion was carried. @Rob said he’d «submit a PR to the [Code of Conduct] in the coming week to codify this as official policy.»

Dropping Gravatar

There was discussion about whether to try and implement using the avatars users have at instead. @Rob stated that he didn’t care either way about that, he just wanted Gravatar gone now.

AutoEditor Election: paulakreuzer

Why have been gravatar removed?


Gravatar was reasonably controversial since its implementation because of its potential privacy issues, which led to it being made optional. With GDPR and the push on user privacy, we decided these issues are more relevant than ever, and we’d rather play it safe and get rid of a service that wasn’t that popular in the first place. We’ll probably add a way to use the avatars from this forum instead at some point, see the MBS-9725 ticket :slight_smile: