Autoeditor election: bflaminio

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I’ve interacted with this editor off and on for years. He’s an experienced editor with over 100,000 edits to his name; has a good knowledge of community practices and perhaps most important of all, is easy to work with (on the few occasions I’ve had to point something out to him, he usually responds in a fair and respectful manner).
The only gripe I have is he, like some editors, doesn’t always leave notes for critical edits. I’m vacillating on whether or not I should overlook this.


I’ve seconded this (I’ve looked at edits and even on some failed ones are ones I would have voted “yes” on)
I agree that edit notes are important - but of course I am also guilty of forgetting to use them, infact the real reason I started being better is because i myself found old edits i had done where i had no clue where I got the info/logic from!

We should all remember to politely ask for more info in these cases however.

btw the election is


Congratulations @bflaminio! Welcome to the club!