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RE: Edit #90272155 - MusicBrainz

In this edit, I selected artist JP (rapper). This was not a correct selection. To prevent this further, I added “JP” as an alias to artist Johnny P. and further clarified the Disambiguation for the artist JP.

Is it possible for an auto-editor to fix the edit, so when it applies, it applies properly? I would need the following:

Artist JP [JP - MusicBrainz]
changed to
Artist Johnny P. (credited as JP) [Johnny P. - MusicBrainz]

I am not sure if or how this is done, but I have seen before when an auto-editor has made changes to an edit so when it applies it is applied with the corrections on it. I can also wait, but do not want it forgotten. The mistake was mine. Apparently there is another little known artist, also rapper, known as JP.

NOTE: I am not asking for the edit to be approved, only adjusted if possible.

“Credited As” is something you can change yourself. And not just on artists, works on places and other similar items.


With your current edits, you either need to wait for them to complete before making the changes as you have a lot of edits there. Or cancel it and do it again. If you (or an AE) tries to adjust this now you’ll get a message from modbot about the data changing and the second edit will not complete.


Understood. I will wait for it to complete, then do the change. I am aware of the Credited As, I was more referencing the details of the needed change, as the artist need to change, but be credited as “JP”.

Thanks for the info. I have seen AEs do edits that impact an open edit, I just have no idea what they can and cannot do, and what they may or may not cause. So that info is helpful. I figured it is worth an ask as waiting always opens the risk of something being forgotten.

All they can do is make some edits happen quicker. They can do nothing you can’t do. No hidden edit box.

If they edited that open edit, they would break it. And modbot would complain. What they can do is instantly apply it, and then make the changes that you would need to wait seven days to do.

If I understand you correctly, what you are referring to is using those “Edited As” options on the Tracklist page. The middle image. And notice the tick box would allow you to change all the tracks at the same time.

I do not have examples, but I have seen where an editor makes an edit and an AE makes changes to the edit, so that when the edit completes, issues with it are already fixed. I wish I had an example or two, all I know is I have seen this and received feedback on comments of “it is already fixed” on open edits.

RE the credited as, you are correct in this image as to what I refer to:

That is just an additional change that is needed when the artist is changed.

Based on your comments, I suspect what I recall might be something like where I add a release and something that was auto applied was corrected or something, something that is not going to cause a difference in data when the open portions apply. As I mentioned, I cannot recall, I figured I would ask and see.

An AE cannot do anything you and I can’t do. They can just make time disappear and instantly apply an edit. (They cannot instantly apply a destructive edit - no deletes or merges).

Some edits can be overlapped. For example, most edits on a other data in a Release. Adding cat nos or disambigs. I expect this is what you saw in your previous example.

Edits to Tracklists are fussy and don’t like to be changed once another edit is already pending. (I get plenty of notes from modbot when I do this myself :laughing:)

Changing these Credited As boxes would be something that would upset modbot. So in this example it is best to wait a few days for the edit to complete. Then this is a simple change. Or there may be an AE who steps in and uses their magic power to Apply this edit to allow you to go in early and add the Credited As credits.

Editing in MB can be a good test of patience. Sometimes it can take me a month to get a release correct as I keep spotting errors in a track list. :grin:


Some things are broken by earlier edits going through, some aren’t, I can’t keep them straight either FYI!

Maybe it’s more simple than I think? Anybody have a good rundown?

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You need to bribe modbot with whisky. That way more of your edits will go through. :tumbler_glass:


I have had numerous (not a huge number but enough) failed edits over strange things. I suspect that I made an edit that incorporated some vote edits and some non, and it was all in the same edit. So then someone else made a non vote edit, say changing case, and it went through, causing mine to fail.

I wondered on this a few times but never looked close into it as I cannot do anything about it. I have experienced similar things on my side of the world though in databases I have done. There is a difference though, I can lock data while a user has it open, but in MB, that would require a 7 day lock on said data, that is not a fair comparison. I would be interested to see if it is possible to have real time checking for data edits, so say I make an edit, and it sits for 7 days. If another editor (or even myself) make an edit that includes a piece of data currently under edit hold, it will deny the new edit for that data only. Maybe tell the user that part ___ cannot be edited, send them back so they can remove that portion or correct as needed.

Sometimes the edit history for an edit shows changes that actually happened after the fact, in a separate edit. This is probably what you were seeing. For example, “edit medium” history can show recording changes that didn’t happen at that time (MBS-11572), but additionally when entities are renamed the new name is often shown in the historical edits.