Auto-editor election: Deleted Editor #1440677

Another month, another election. Today I’m nominating @Deleted_Editor_1440677 (MB profile)

In a period of ca. 5 years they’ve entered a copious amount of edits (400k, wow).
Their dedication is truly remarkable, it seems there is not a single where they are not around (and not just MB!)

Many of the open edits are for cover art of just imported Bandcamp releases (yes, the hi-res variants. Awesome). If only those were auto-edits, it would scrape off lots of stuff from the voting queue.

While there are a few downvoted edits I’m generally not concerned about them.
There was however a short series of edits changing artist credits on Japanese releases to the romanized spelling due to most of the cover art having it that way.

Is there a consensus yet what takes priority under which circumstances? I haven’t fully figured this out myself yet, discussions seem scarce. It would probably make a good topic on its own. :slight_smile:

PS: Totally forgot to mention @reosarevok had asked for opinions before
My response back then was:

reosarevok: Not exactly following them but often noticed them doing simple fixes that shouldn’t require further review, like release script and language disentangling artists, replacing wiki links by wikidata, etc.


This has been wrapped up for a while now, but congrats @Deleted_Editor_1440677! You’ve been added to the group here on the forums so you can post in #musicbrainz:autoeditors now. :slight_smile:

They deleted their account :headstone:


Bummer, anyone know why?


They wrote us and asked to relay that

I felt the need to quit, but that I’m not gone for good.


Completely understandable.

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