Auto-editor election: affronttonature

I am happy to elect affronttonature for auto editor!
Some of you may also know them as macularguide.

They are a very diligent editor, with very few downvoted or even cancelled edits (mainly for artwork where they have found bigger versions later). They have only been active since the start of the year but are almost at 30k edits. They have always been friendly in my interactions with them.

I talked to them about their account being quite young, and that this might be an issue. But they said they were happy to have their account scrutinized, and if the vote fails they will take on any feedback, work on it, and then go for re-election again in the future sometime. That’s the spirit :partying_face:

Election 468!


Please note I do not actively monitor the e-mail attached to this account. If you need to get a hold of me urgently please leave a note on one of my edits. Thanks!

This seems slightly problematic


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I’m Abstaining at the moment, need to delve into the edits a bit more to make an informed decision

I asked afronttonature if they had any thoughts re. checking emails, and they said I could share this:


@affronttonature has decided to give themselves another while in the oven and asked me to cancel this election, which I have done (@reosarevok)

A big thank you to everyone who took part, and also to @affronttonature for taking on the feedback and being willing to give the election a go - we all know it’s not easy to be scrutinized!

I really hope they will consider another election in 6-12 months :blush: