AudioRanger not finding MusicBrainz releases

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I added a plethora of releases to MusicBrainz, and they have been accepted, yet AudioRanger cannot seem to find said releases. mp3tag can, but would there be any reason AudioRanger cannot?

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Maybe AudioRanger used indexed search, that takes some time before it sees new releases.

What releases, for example?

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If it’s indeed using indexed search that is currently a tad unreliable:
Artist not searchable
No MusicBrainz search results with Mp3Tag script

Scratch that. Seems AudioRanger uses its own server.


You can open a new release in Picard by clicking the green Tagger button in MB website.

You can open a new release in foobar2000 (foo_musicbrainz) by pasting the release URL and/or MBID.

Maybe you can use the new release URL and/or MBID to open new release in AudioRanger and Mp3tag, as well?


I’ve just tried finding a recently added release to no avail. Dropping URLs or MBIDs seems not supported.

Since AudioRanger is not an official MB product and @mathiaskunter doesn’t seem to be active in the forum either, I’d recommend reaching out to its support team directly


I am still awaiting a reply from them.

I’m grabbing Picard now, thanks for the tip, and thanks chaban for constantly having to deal with me lol