Audiobook: Translator in artist credits, title or neither

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If the cover of an audiobook release reads: “Ilias Homer Neufassung von Raoul Schrott Mit Manfred Zapatka” what should be the title and artist credits of the release?

  • “Ilias” by [Homer] gelesen von [Manfred Zapatka] (the Audiobook guidelines only mention author and narrator as release artists)
  • “Ilias” by [Homer] Neufassung von [Raoul Schrott] mit [Manfred Zapatka] (crediting all artists prominently mentioned on the cover).
  • “Ilias: Neufassung von Raoul Schrott” by [Homer] gelesen von [Manfred Zapatka] (treating the info about the translator as a subtitle.

There is a style ticket about this, but it’s 3 years old without a resolution.

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The thread associated with that ticket:

I would put the “translated by” information in to the track details. Like instruments, or the composer details. I don’t think it is naturally part of the title.

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