Release artist style for translated audiobooks (STYLE-681)

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I noticed in the audiobook style guide that there’s no indication of how to (or whether to) incorporate translators into the release artist string for translated audiobooks. My current proposal is this:

Author (translated by Translator) read by Narrator

Is this a good starting point? Should I indicate it some other way? Should translators even be listed at all? All suggestions and comments are welcome.


The way that i have seen this done is work to work level.
So a work (the text of the book) is translated into another language with another work created in the database and the person that performed the translation can be credited there.
For example the following was translated from english to roman and then read as an audobook.

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This sounds good to me.
BTW, the guideline is for English audio books, obviously. Perhaps it should say that other language audio book release artist credits should follow the same spirit, with some examples?

Hey, actually I don’t often see any audio books but I do have one (without translation though).

On existing releases they do print their own AC. The back of my release suggested « _raconté par Gérard Philipe » but I couldn’t use it, as AC cannot start with a join phrase.

But now reading the guideline, I realise that I forgot to set the book author, and with that author, I can have my join phrase!

If the release uses a particular term (here told, not read), we should follow it, shouldn’t we?

Guideline says

followed by a join phrase such as “read by” or “narrated by”

This definitely seems to give quite a bit of freedom, so “raconté par” seems perfectly ok.

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