Audio checksums

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Does anyone know if there are any plans to include audio checksum metadata in the MB database? So similar to how AccurateRip and CTDB implement it. Kind of like using metaflac --show-md5sum, so you can see with reasonable confidence if your rip was successful, without having to actually store any copyrighted data in the database.

I realise MB already has audio fingerprinting, intentionally made a bit fuzzy to err towards matching a different pressing of the same recording. This, in contrast, is to ensure a digital rip or download is sample-accurate. Both have their uses.

I did a bit of searching, and found a failed proposal abandoned in 2010, and a ticket opened in 2015, last updated in 2016. This seems like a really good idea though, so I was hoping there was some way it might gain a bit more traction. Is anyone else interested in such a feature?


Why reinvent the wheel? Can’t the AccurateRip data be used? Especially as Picard is not used for ripping. And it is often made clear that MB is supposed to be a music database and not a Ripping Resource.

I use the EAC application to rip. EAC uses AccurateRip data to check the rip and update the AccurateRip database. And EAC uses MB data to fill in my tags.

This seems sensible to me. MB can’t do everything.


I follow the same procedure as @IvanDobsky. I have never had a problem with the Accurate Rip info from EAC and it’s pretty cool that EAC uses MB data.