Attaching DiscID prevents fixing wrong track duration

I attached a DiscID to CD 5 of Marie Fredriksson’s Kärlekens Guld box set recently when I noticed the one track’s duration was off by exactly a minute. I was going to fix the duration after I submitted the DiscID, but now it’s greyed out all the durations for that medium, not allowing to correct any of it’s tracks’ durations.

Is the only solution to remove the DiscID, fix the duration(s) and then re-add the DiscID?


With disc ID it’s even better: On Release “Kärlekens Guld” by Marie Fredriksson - Disc IDs - MusicBrainz you can use “Set track durations” to set the durations of the tracks based on the actual lengths on the disc (with sub-second precision).


@outsidecontext thanks for pointing out the obvious to me. :man_facepalming:


I think it’s not actually that obvious, one has to know that this functionality exists and where to look. I think there are several forum posts about this, which indicates that this probably can be made more visible :smiley: