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I’d like to associate the recordings for this release with the webpage for the specific shows they were recorded at. (For instance, tracks 2-12 through 2-22 were recorded at this show:

What’s the best approach to this? Do I need to make an event for every show? Or edit each recording individually (there doesn’t seem to be a way to batch-add links)?


Adding an event is pretty easy (and interesting database information!), so I would create the events, and then link the show from there. Rather than duplicating the link information for every recording.

There’s probably a userscript somewhere to batch-add links/ relationships but I don’t use one myself, maybe someone else has a link to one!


For the relationships, you could just use the (release) relationship editor.


That’s what I’m doing, but I don’t see a way to add link relationships without going to the individual recording pages.

If there is a userscript, I haven’t seen it - and I’ve looked at all the ones linked from here: I thought this “set recording comments” script might work for disambig, but it seems to be an all-or-none, no way to do groups of tracks.

Anyway, the events seems like the most efficient approach. I’ll go with that.


If you want to set different comments for each recording, it is still a great choice.
It lets you tabulate through each one and set them very quickly.
If you have 10 same comments and 9 other comments for instance, use the global field of it and it will set your same comments everywhere. After that you just have to reset the other 9 comments, write edit note and submit.

Another hint is that it will not submit the hidden comments, when you toggle off a medium. You can use it to your advantage.


Good to know, thanks!

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