ASCAP, BMI, etc parsing


Probably my question will be kinda offtop, but still correlate with MB (at least for me).

I’m trying to find (or check) exact authorship for some tracks/albums and thus use PRO data for this (+also get some other data like ISWC, id in database, etc.). But since manually checking every track using site itself is very boring and time consuming, i got an idea to write some kind of parser who could automatically get track and composer names as argumnets and then send http request to the site.

I am using google sheet with java script for this. But since i am not a programmer and thus cannot understand/know all details, i am calling for help on this forum, hoping that this idea could be interested for someone else or uselful for community overall.

We shouldn’t take writing credits from those sources.
The purpose of those sources is to know who to send royalties to, not to reproduce artistic credits from booklets.

  • When a band chooses to credit band, those sources will split credits to each credit, which is not correct as A, B, C and D did not write lyrics in fact and they all did not write music either, not necessarily.
  • When a song falls into public domain after some years, the original credits may be replaced by P.D./D.P. in those sources
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I completely understand your point of view, jesus2099, but i forgot to mention that i work only with soundtrack releases (or to be clearer - SCORES, i.e. only background music for the film/game and not the licensed tracks used there) and thus in 99% cases we are talking of finding composer authorship and not lyricist or another roles.

The problem of soundtracks that often PROs could be the only source of exact composer info. I suppose its common case when booklet say “Music by ONE composer”, while there are several of them who wrote music for this game/movie. Esp. this is true for Hans Zimmer/RCP studio releases, where in fact may be up to 10 composers who made tracks. I would even say its a rare case (at least in my practice) where booklet/cover art gives an exact composer breakdown. This is also true for digital releases where itunes/spotify/deezer/etc. dont give exact info.

So that is why i am seeking the tool i mentioned in 1st post.

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I have written such a tool, almost, but only for JASRAC (Japan) works.
And BTW, we can perfectly use those source. I should have said we just cannot trust them completely, we must remember their limitations, booklets are better. :slight_smile:


Oh, nice. Would you share it? :slight_smile: And may be its possible to add other database sources to it?

It is JASRAC WORK IMPORT, or something like that, on .


I see. Well, your script is too complex for me to understand and i suppose u have no interest to add support for ASCAP and other bases?

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Indeed sorry, as I am only using JASRAC and SACEM.

And I don’t really see how to make several DB importers co-exist, so I always complete work with SACEM data manually (most data except work codes and publishers naturally overlap, anyway).

My code is usually strange indeed, I guess. :rofl: