ASCAP & BMI create a new database

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I think that’s interesting for people who likes digging into works.


Thanks it’s always handy to have these.
But these should not usually replace booklet credits, when different.
Because it’s more about who owns the song than artistic intended credits as printed in booklets.
Like band credits or pen name, etc.

The article does not include link to the service?
Hopefully, Jesus is here:

Good it supports linking to stuff:


As it stands today, I hate the new system. I am willing (as if I have a choice) to give it time, to see what it is like once they complete the process and make tweaks to the UI. But, today, it is a thumbs down.

I wonder if this ‘partnership’ has anything to do with the reason why ISWC removed some of its functionality.
Also, IMO, the fact that they are doing this with each other instead of being “all inclusive” is really a power grab, as a way to rub out the competition.


At the moment there seems to be a lot missing from the “reconciled” database. “Psycho Killer” (Talking Heads) appears on the ASCAP site but not BMI. “Good Year for the Roses”, “Well You Needn’t”, and Bill Monroe’s “Kentucky Waltz” all appear on BMI but not ASCAP. So it’s got a ways to go yet.


I think it is really strange that they still have different UI. I like the BMI UI more to be honest.

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