Artwork and release question


This is a 5CD set. Each CD has a separate cover and back. So does CD 1 cover get the main cover spot, or how does this work? I have covers and backs for all 5 and the booklet for the set.

EDIT: I was able to find a decent image of the front of the box, but could my query be answered as if I did not find a box cover?


I usually find that five CDs have something to hold them together. And it is that box, or slipcase, that I name “front” and put first.

If not, then I usualy label all five CD fronts as fronts, and all the backs as backs. If they are separate disks in the set which can be shuffled then they are all independent fronts and backs.

Looking at what you have done is exactly as I would have done it.

There are too many limitations in the way artwork can be named in MB to get it perfect. The art types assume far too simple a package. And not everything fits that mould.


Thanks for the reply and for looking.

So it would be your opinion that should there not have been a front I could find to use (in this case an image of the box cover) that presumably CD1’s cover would become, sort of by default, the cover of the set? I actually appears that other places that list the CD have done this, just using CD1’s cover as the cover.


Yeah - I try and apply a bit of common sense. So I stack the package on the desk and work out what I see. And in this case I could see five different fronts depending on how they are piled up. They are five separate entities.

Boxsets are really a “set of fronts”. Boxsets by definition are a collection of other disks. This is why we really need a box type in the art types.


It would also be nice to assign artwork to a specific disc in the set. This could also apply to barcodes, catalog numbers etc of the discs.


Agree with that one. MB is designed around a single disc case. The boxset confuses this basic scheme. (Or even a two disc vinyl release)

When a release splits to multiple CDs, there are now multiples of everything to record. An no neat way to line things up.

At least the artwork is easier with the addition of the text field to pop the CD2 into.

I have added a few deluxe releases which have one barcode number on the outside, and totally different barcode number on the inside. In those cases I have had to revert to the annotation to explain how they link.