Artists with multiple names

While trying to add a new release I noticed that there were several artists in the release that were the same people. I could easily create a new artist for each of these aliases but I wasn’t sure if I should consolidate them into one artist, split them up, or split them up and use the performs as relationship to link all of the different names into one arbitrarily decided “main artist”. Looking at the style guidelines, it appears that there isn’t a general consensus on what to do. The specific release that I am referring to as well as one of the MANY artist aliases from Discogs is available below. Talk:Style/Artist/With multiple names - MusicBrainz Wiki
Mega Freestyle Box Vol. 3 (2005, CD) - Discogs
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it looks like several of those artists (but not all) are already in MusicBrainz:

the two members also have MusicBrainz pages, you can find the groups they’re members of under “relationships”:

in general, I create a new artist for each different name. it’s generally easier to merge artists than to split them. since this seems to be a group of two people, I believe the correct way to relate them is just add them as members of each of the groups.