Artists credits for release with multiple collaborations

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Hello, everyone

I was tagging some songs and found some releases that confused me. One example is Should the album artists be “Phace & Misanthrop / Phace & Noisia” or “Phace / Misanthop / Noisia” or the current “Phace, Misanthrop & Noisia”?

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So, checking the various links, each has a different variation – and I couldn’t find a cover art of sufficiently high resolution to see what that says.

I don’t think any of them are categorically “wrong”, but I’d be interested in finding an artist intent anywhere rather than relying on what Discogs, Beatport, or Amazon says.


I think Discogs’s approach is good idea.

Add the release title is A’s title / B’s title, its release AC is, similarly, A’s AC / B’s AC.

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BTW linked Amazon does same: Phace & Misanthrop / Phace & Noisia.

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This kind of release’s artist is actually covered here: