Artist tag in Picard

Hi again!

Does Picard have a variable for the release’s artist? albumartist is the release’s artist as credited, which is slightly different, as it can change from one release to the next. It’d be really neat to be able to better group together all releases by a single artist alias, regardless of designers replacing “and” with “&” and so on.

As a stopgap measure, it looks like albumartistsort is based on the artist, as the artist-as-credited doesn’t seem to have its own separate sortable version, which makes sense. So using that in Picard for the artist name should group them nicely, albeit looking overly formal.


Maybe the option Use standardized artist names is what you want:
If you want more control, there’s a Picard Plugin: Format Performer Tags


That’s exactly what I wanted, thank you so much!


There’s also the Additional Artists Variables plugin which provides access to both the standardized and as credited artists names at the same time, as well as a number of other bits of information.


Sorry @rdswift, of course I meant your Additional artists variables plugin, not the one I mentioned above. Seems like I’ve pasted the wrong bookmark :grimacing:
Maybe because I like both of your plugins…