Artist renaming and work credits

I wonder what happens to work credits if I rename an artist. The artist credit page only shows release groups, releases, recordings and tracks. But what happens to works? Does the rename checkbox also affect work credits? Are these affected by the renaming at all?
Artist credit “Me’Shell Ndegéocello” - MusicBrainz
(I like to change the primary artist name for Me’Shell Ndegéocello to Meshell Ndegeocello - the most recent artist name and the correct spelling since 2001)


Editing the artist name shows checkboxes for the different artist credits.

Checking one or more boxes causes additional “Edit Artist Credit” edits to be submitted at the same time. This will only affect the artist credits (which are relevant to release groups, releases, tracks and recordings).

Regardless of whether you check any boxes, relationships are not touched, which typically means the new artist name will be shown as people do not usually enter explicit credits when adding relations. If you go through the relationships tab of the artist, anything that is blank in the “Credited As” column will still be blank after renaming the artist (which means the current name is shown).

If this is not desired, you need to go through the list and add an explicit credit to each relation that should use the old name (could be a lot of relationships to edit…)


That’s good news. The currently used spelling of her name was only used on one album and a small number of singles. That can be checked! :slight_smile:

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As she has only put out a small number of albums it is pretty quick to fix the aliases after the rename. Just work from the Edit Relationships page on the Release.

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