Artist page on label website as official homepage?

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An editor added a URL relationship as official homepage that links to a page on their label’s website.

  • On that page are a few links to the artist’s own site and SNS
  • a carousel element with news (general not specific to artist)
  • and some kind of description with a link to the bio on the artist’s own website

Initially this was a clearly not OHP to me. After reading the doc again I grew doubtful.
That page is likely endorsed by the artist.

Any disagreements?

Artist-URL / Official homepage relationship:

An artist can have multiple official websites.

"Official", in this context, means that the artist has publicly endorsed the site. 
It does not imply that the information on the website is authoritative.
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I usually link label website’s artist page as artist OHP.
I’m OK with OHP but maybe we should link as discography page?

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Did you look at the link? Not much of a discography, more of a case of details of the band and links to their official sources. So a kinda link to links.

OHP seems to be the most closet match. It’s official, not fan based, can be a trusted source. Nothing “social” about it. Solid facts.

I’m all for adding as many links as possible for a band as it makes it easier to cross check details added.


Yes, discography is too restrictive, indeed.
Sometimes labels (they are official btw) show mainly biography.