Artist not searchable

Recently I entered Fuzz Sagrado into MB. If i try to search it, i don’t recieve the artist in the search results.

any ideas?


normally it does not take more than a week to index an artist, right? Why is the database behaving like this in this case?

Indeed, the documentation says “indexation now run within seconds”, so if this artist isn’t indexed yet, something is wrong.

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this artist

was created 13 days ago and still does not appear.

I have also been finding deleted artists appearing in search.

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Shows up for me as the first search result:

Me too.
Which is really odd, being that I did the search right before I posted.

But I still have deleted artists appearing in search. And the OP’s Fuzz Sagrado isn’t appearing for me.
So, something has to be going on.

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There have been issues with indexing. @yvanzo is on the case :slight_smile:


thank you!
here’s also a series