Artist name with only initials, no first name

I’ve been filling in blanks for Little Sister over the past day by adding releases, recordings, works, etc and have managed to find the names of almost every work’s writers through a combination of the CD credits, ISWC search and in MB itself.

However, there’s one remaining work which is only credited to “B. Watson / G. Worth” in the CD booklet (and nowhere else) and no amount of searching has managed to turn up their full names.

I’ve gone through the documentation and style guidelines for artists and they offer no specific guidance on what to do except use “the official name of an artist, be it a person or a band”.

With that in mind, should I create artists named “B. Watson” and “G. Worth” since that’s as much detail as I have available even though both are very ambiguous?


That’s what I would do, along with a disamb indicating that they are “writers of “Something Happened to Us (Along the Way)” by Little Sister” so that future editors will be able to update information as it is discovered.


What I have done in such cases, where all searches for identifying a given, incomplete name (sometimes even without an initial) were fruitless is using [unknown] credited as “John”. This keeps the (minimal) info we got without cluttering the DB unnecessarily. If better data turns up this can then easily be changed. See tracks 4 and 6 here: Release “Music that Stirs the Nation” by The Bands of The Royal Marines - MusicBrainz


I think in this case you did very well by using artists called G. Worth and B. Watson.
It will help define them better whenever it is possible in the future with more sources.

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