"<Artist Name> Productions" as labels

For (mainly digital) releases with labels that follow that pattern, does it make sense to actually create a new label or should [no label] just be used? Not sure it’s adding any worthwhile metadata to just have a label that’s basically an artist’s name with all their releases on it.


I would need the possiblility to have a group as label for demoscene musician releases often labelled with their group name.

If it looks like a vanity label not used by other artists and I can’t find anything else about it I tend to leave it blank


But, when used by other artists?

I don’t think these are the original zip files as they don’t contain any FILE_ID.DIZ.

I don’t have good example by hand and don’t have the original zip anymore but I guess they included some FILE_ID.DIZ mentioning prominently the group name FUTURE CREW and the “release” title and artist: SECOND REALITY by SKAVEN and SECOND REALITY by PURPLE MOTION.

In this case, these “singles” are SKAVEN and PURPLE MOTION singles but their group FUTURE CREW was certainly very visible, as on each demoscene group prod (release), even when it was some individual members’ releases.

I get the sense that there’s a place to enter “label” when submitting for digital distribution and folks just can’t resist putting something there. I generally ignore these.

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I’d say add it, unless it’s just the artist’s name, for example, this release

Worse yet it’s mandatory and the merging never ends
Often it’ll be just the name of the distributor though which can be ignored

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