Artist name as primary before birth name (Phil Gould)

Today I have spend some time entering albums from Phil Gould.
As some of you may know, the (former) drummer of Level 42, and an artist on his own account.
As an artist he is, and always has been named Phil Gould.

But when trying to enter him as that, MusicBrainz forces me to use Philip Gould.

Is there a way to change it so Phil becomes primary?

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See Style Guidelines and this discussion.

In short:

Generally, use the name the artist mainly performs under as the artist name. Alternative names, including any legal names and name variations, should generally be entered as aliases, and can be used in artist credits and relationship credits when appropriate.

So if the artist mainly performed under the name “Phil Gould”, than according to the quoted Style Guidelines you shall rename him to “Phil Gould” and enter “Philip Gould” as an alias.

Sure, you could change the name yourself. Open the artist’s page, choose the “Edit” tab and change whatever is required. Please do not forget to add a note to your change describing why you are applying it. Provide external references, if possible.


Thank you alex_s7, I will try that.