Artist disambiguation problem


Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me with this:

I’m having trouble trying to create a new artist whose name (“Child”) is already in use for other artists. When I try, the “Possible Duplicates” text pops up and prompts me to add a disambiguation, but even when I fill up the disambiguation box, it remains red with a “Required field.” message under it, and I cannot save my edit. I’ve tried on Opera and Chrome, to no avail. Is it a bug, or am I forgetting to do something?


I confirm that this is a bug. When I tested it, I was able to create the new artist despite the red warning.

Please, finish the edit that I started - I don’t know how to delete it:


The edit is still open (as you are a limited user). Therefore, you can go to and cancel the edit.

Which I would recommend in this case, due to the typo in the name :sweat:


Can you post a screenshot?


“Disambiguation” field remains highlighted in red even after it is filled. It does not prevent the record from being created.


andreivolgin’s screenshot corresponds to what I see; also, the button “Enter edit” remains grey and unclickable. This prevented me from saving.