Artist disambiguation problem

Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me with this:

I’m having trouble trying to create a new artist whose name (“Child”) is already in use for other artists. When I try, the “Possible Duplicates” text pops up and prompts me to add a disambiguation, but even when I fill up the disambiguation box, it remains red with a “Required field.” message under it, and I cannot save my edit. I’ve tried on Opera and Chrome, to no avail. Is it a bug, or am I forgetting to do something?

I confirm that this is a bug. When I tested it, I was able to create the new artist despite the red warning.

Please, finish the edit that I started - I don’t know how to delete it:

The edit is still open (as you are a limited user). Therefore, you can go to Log in - MusicBrainz and cancel the edit.

Which I would recommend in this case, due to the typo in the name :sweat:

Can you post a screenshot?

“Disambiguation” field remains highlighted in red even after it is filled. It does not prevent the record from being created.

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andreivolgin’s screenshot corresponds to what I see; also, the button “Enter edit” remains grey and unclickable. This prevented me from saving.

There is indeed a bug that the Disambiguation field remains red, but the Enter edit should be clickable as soon as you fill the mandatory Sort name field in.
You can click the Aa or the copy button for this.

I never considered the red box a bug, I considered it a feature.


*The posted image (4 years ago) is missing a ‘sort name’, which is requirement for a new artist.

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