Artist credits for gamerips

How should the artist credits for this release be handled? This is a gamerip (from Splatoon 3) which has multiple people on its sound team. The actual credits for each track are not known at this time since the official soundtrack release is not out yet (and some tracks may never have accurate credits for them) but should they be given to a specific artist? Or would just a simple company credit (Nintendo, in this case) be appropriate for them?

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I don’t particularly see any issue with either approach, as they’re maybe both technically correct? for the track and release artists, I might favor the artist credited in the original metadata (if any), whether that be Nintendo Sound Team, Toru Minegishi, or something else

for context, Wikipedia lists six composers for the game, including Toru Minegishi

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I think Error Correction should apply to and override all gamerip artist credits.

I’m not a fan of crediting multiple people for all tracks because it’s most likely factually incorrect. (It’s extremely uncommon in VGM for multiple people to work on the same BGM.) Given that, it’s more often than not factually incorrect for the credits to say it’s “Person A & Person B” or “Person A, Person B & Percon C”.

If we want to list all people associated with the whole soundtrack, even though it’s rarely the case that more than one person was associated with a specific track, then I’d rather then credits say “Person A or Person B” rather than “Person A and Person B”.