Artist credit clarification


This release has no certain artist credit anywhere on the package, except this on double LP release, and each separate track on the back has its own credits. While most of the songs are performed by EitS, wouldn’t it be better to put “Various Artists” in artist field?
Thanks in advance.


There are many albums that have a track or two from a different artist. That doesn’t make it a various artist album.
So, then, the real question is ---- is this a various artist album or not.


It’s not just a common album, it’s a soundtrack. All discogs releases of this album have “Various” credit.


95% tracks by same artist makes it this artist release, IMO.


Normally I would agree. But since this is a soundtrack…
You don’t call a Star Wars soundtrack a John Williams album. You say like it says on the sticker, “music by John WIlliams and the London Symphony”

=> Actually, I just pulled up the MB Star Wars entry. It is by the London Symphony Orchestra.



This release wasn’t brought to life neither by EitS, nor by any other artists on the release. I would go “Various”. More opinions needed.


This is really exactly how I would call it. :slight_smile:


I would do that as well.