Artist "as credited"?

Hi. Happy new year! :slight_smile:
What’s the purpose of following?
Artist in MB = Aiming for Enrike
Artist as credited = Aiming For Enrike


It is what MB does -

Ah yeah, sure - I’m aware of the capitalization of words and stuff… I was more asking if it is correct that the “Artist as credited” is not obeying to MB’s rule (“For” instead of the correct “for”)?

I am confused by the question. Styleguide says “Aiming for Enrike” should be used if they are English. But there is a lot of confusion over “Artist Intent” getting confused with how someone has entered the text on the cover and at that point I get lost.

OK - I’m confused by the fact that the capitalization is different between “Artist as credited” and “Artist on MB”. I would expect both to follow MB’s capitalization rules, therefore I’d expect both to be “Aiming for Enrike”. Is this correct?
The band is Norwegian…

I would put them into the database as “Aiming for Enrike”. Often an import from Discogs would leave that middle capital.

Now I have had a look at the artist in MB I see the two releases you are talking about. They were both added via the Discogs Import script and that leaves Discogs Capitals In Place Where Everything Is Capitals. There are errors in the tracks list too.

It just needs correcting. :slight_smile:

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Perfect - I’m going to take care of this after lunch :slight_smile:
Thank you for helping!

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When importing releases from discogs, frequent use of the “guess case” feature is usually a good idea, but people often forget (I know I have).


I usually remember to hit the button for the Track Titles, but always miss the album title and have to go back and do a second edit.

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