Artist aliases implementation


I would like to start a thread (again?) about artists and their aliases and how they stored in MB. I suppose this could be interesting only for developers (@reosarevok :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:), but anyway.

So far (as i understand) artists aliases in MB stored in 2 ways:

  • As separate artist if its known that he “performs as”
  • As text in “aliases” field

Looking upon i noticed that if an artist has several aliases then usually he has appropriate IPIs assigned to them. Here is an example:

ROBERTON IAIN - 00511810200
DEXTER MIKE - 00613874735
BALEY ELIJAH - 00714584340
ZUNDER ULRICH - 00650869518

So what if to store aliases in “master-detail” relationship? I mean we have a physical person who has “virtual” nicknames. So artist real name will be “master” field, while all aliases - “detail” fields. Also every alias could store its assigned IPI.

Also i suppose this could gives two “bonuses”:

  • On tracklist in “artist as credited” field you can choose one of his known/stored aliases instead filling custom text by yourself
  • We can store all works on “master” artist field, which would reflect phisical person, while virtual aliases would reflect how an artist credited on tracklist/recording level

I think that such topic probably already discussed in the past and the current MB scheme is justified by time and other reasons, but but but… just tell me what do you think please. :slight_smile:

And just another question… Is there any way to use artist real/phisical name as default credit in Picard? Often there is an arguable situation where an artist default name should be his real name or an alias. Or should be his real name be full or shortened? I suppose this could be avoided if we could have another field for artist full real name and the Picard option to use it for artist credits.


If you search IPI in the forum, there was discussions showing the IPI are not distributed uniquely worldwide and you cannot just think there is only one per artist name, strictly.

So don’t worry too much about them, you can just list them all.

Just to cover all bases, there is also ‘credited as’.