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I haven’t done any editing in the classical area, so I’d like some advice. I just added an Evan Marshall solo mandolin release. This includes instrumental arrangements of pop songs as well as several classical pieces. What would be the best way to link the latter to works?

Track 6, “Musetta’s Waltz” - the liner notes describe this as “my serrenade-style transcription of the aria Quando m’en vo’ from La Bohème” . My first thought is to simply link it as an instrumental recording of the original aria. I know that some classical pieces have a ‘catch-all for arrangements’ but this does not appear to be one.

Track 7, “Hungarian Dance #7”, says “The orchestral score and the piano/two hands edition by Brahms were consulted” for Marshall’s arrangement. In this case there is a catch-all work for orchestrations as well as an entry for the solo piano arrangement.

Track 10, “Recuerdos de la Alhambra”, “has been transposed, but is otherwise virtually identical to the original version for guitar”. Here I think I’m safe just making it a recording of the original work.

You could add a generic “catch-all for arrangements” work when it’s not there - just link it as an arrangement of the original work, keep the title, add the composer, and use it :slight_smile: It doesn’t take too long and if in doubt it’s the most clear thing. That said, at least for Recuerdos there’s already arrangements in there anyway, so you can just link it to the work - at some point someone (probably me) should go through it and move clear arrangements off that work to a catch-all, but you’re right this case might not even belong elsewhere. That’s a decision we need to review once we have specific instrumentation for works.

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I have added the catch-all work (copying the title in full, even though the list of characters looks a bit odd). I also duplicated the wikidata link, although again I’m not entirely sure about that.

The Evan Marshall recording is now linked to that work. There are probably some other recordings (like this one) currently linked to the original that should be moved to the arrangement.