Areas suggestion

Some place pages are getting extremely long, NYC for example.
A lot of the info could be be moved to new tabs. It’d really help with loading time as well.

(Not sure if this the correct place to suggest this)


I assume the best thing to do would be to create a ticket on the MusicBrainz issue tracker:

What do you mean by “new tabs”? Pagination?

I think you mean Areas, not Places. Ordinary editors like us can’t edit them, so you have to make an AREQ ticket to get anything fixed.

That is a bit much…
There can’t be that many page types on MB that doesn’t have Relationships in a different tab? Would be nice to be consistent.


I’d really like to see the “overview” tab (on most/all entities) become more of a summary. Something that loads quickly and helps you find what you’re looking for.


Yes, I mean areas. They already have artists, labels, even users. I think it’d make sense to move some of the other credits to similar pages.

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Edited the title to be more clear. Agreed that page is unreasonable. Someone please do add a ticket, ideally also with some ideas of what kind of rels should stay on the overview :slight_smile: