Are user created .pdf files of CD booklets acceptable?

A few days ago, I uploaded a .pdf file of this release’s booklet that I created. I did this because I thought it could be convenient for some people and to be honest when I asked about this thing on the Discord server a few months ago I didn’t get any responses telling me I really shouldn’t but sadly I didn’t get a lot of votes on the edit so I’m still not sure if this is acceptable or not. So, I thought I should ask here, since the edit closes in about 9 hours and I would like to know if I should cancel it before that time or not.


It seems, in principle, fine to me to make a PDF with all the images from the booklet and upload it. I just don’t think I’d make the effort because just having each image separately seems a lot easier to me to both upload and use, but as long as the PDF is an accurate representation of the booklet’s pages rather than your own creative work, I don’t see a problem with it.


Ok, I’ll just leave the edit as it is. I guess I won’t be making more of these .pdf files then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some people like them, so if you’re making them for yourself anyway, I would upload them for them :slight_smile:

I would just request that you upload the individual pages separately as well.

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Well, my initial plan was to upload each separate page as an image file plus a .pdf of all the pages as an “extra” for those who might want to keep the booklet on a single file. However, judging from this thread and the notes on the edit, people seem to be ok with individual pictures so I probably won’t make any more .pdf’s for now :slight_smile: