Are these song types? (in Spanish)

Me again. Guess I’m on a roll right now.

Does anybody know what the words in brackets mean here? Are they like types of song? And should I include them in the track titles?

Best i can tell is they are the region the song comes from.


Wikipedia suggests “San Juanito” is a genre within Andean music. That article also lists “Huayno” with a subgenre “sikuri” (Huayño-Sicuri on the CD case). Llamerada is apparently a dance (perhaps also the music to accompany said dance?). Taquirari may be a musical genre or a dance.

So, my guess is that they are describing genres, and I would not add them to the title, just like I wouldn’t add “fox trot” or 'ballad with string band accompaniment" from old 78s.


The title’s forms are not completely analogous but the following thread can be interpreted as supporting including the region/genre in the track title.

Edit: And here is an edit that I remember as being OKed in forum with timing croquet being included in the track title.


I’m Spanish and most of them don’t mean anything to me, but the few that do sound genre-ish, so yeah, what the others say sounds likely. Probably specific Andean folk styles, most of them, which would explain why I’ve never heard of them! :slight_smile:


Well, they’re printed on both the internal track list and on the back cover. So I guess I will add them to the titles as soon as I get back to it.

They are the names of the music style, or of the type of song. Should you include them? It’s not really part of the song name, but some listeners are interested in that information.

  • Huayno is an Andean music genre and a dance style.
  • Llamerada is a dance (the dance of the llama herders!)
  • Sikuri is a variety of traditional music with dancing. It later came to be called lento.
  • Taquirari is a regional music genre and dance style. (I don’t know the meaning of rari, but in Quechua taquy means “to sing”.)
  • Chuntunqui is a mestizo folk music style.
  • Tonada is a music genre.
  • Aire de cueca - An aire is a type of musical composition; cueca is a folk dance and a music style.
  • Motivo andino (Andean motif) - I’m guessing this is just a short sample of Andean instrumental folk music, but maybe it means something more specific?